Shared values


The individual, in an active way, appropriates an ethical and integral conception of the world and society, centered on the full dignity of the people, generosity, solidarity and altruism; and rejects selfishness, utilitarianism and excessive pragmatism.


The homeland comes first, which implies that the national interest predominates over the personal and is always in a position to defend it, being consistent with the historical roots and the evolution of the Cuban socialist revolution.


It is based on the conscious fulfillment of the individual and social duty, with self-discipline, being intransigent with the wrong done.


It is the conviction that the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the homeland before imperialist’s plans is only possible by strengthening our socialism and internationalism in their confrontation on a world scale.


It acts in accordance with the moral principles accepted by society, and is therefore respected by others, which is valid for both people and countries.


It is expressed by acting sincerely, simply and truthfully. It allows expressing a critical judgment and being able to recognize their mistakes in time, place and appropriate way, to contribute to their own good, collective and or the society. It is to achieve harmony between thought, discourse and action.