Courses and trainings

Knowledge Area: Management

     Management Skills
     Competency profiles for cadres
     Strategic Foresight
     Work system with paintings
     Psychology for Management
     Methodological preparation for overcoming cadres and reservations

Knowledge Area: Innovation

     Comprehensive Diagnosis of Innovation
     Innovation Project
     Innovation-oriented government management model
     R&D&i cycle
     Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards
     Strategic Prospective and Balanced Scorecard
     Innovation in governance and economics in China
     Innovation in governance and socioeconomic development in Vietnam

Knowledge Area: Economic, Accounting and Financial Management

     Costing Systems
     Costs in the banking sector: activity-based costing system
     Basic elements of financial accounting
     Interpretation of financial statements
     Design and analysis of the budget and execution of public spending
     Working capital management
     Profit distribution
     Role of finance in public and business administration
     Financial evaluation of investments
     National Plan for economic and social development to 2030
     National Economic and Social Development Plan for 2035 of Belarus
     Insertion into the Belt and Road Initiative
     Strategic Audit

Knowledge Area: Management

     Public Administration Management
     Public Administration and its contextualization in scenarios of change
     Organizational change management
     Public policy evaluation
     Quality and Environment Management
     Integrated management and standardized management systems
     Process management: an approach and a management tool
     Human capital management
     Production and service management

     Demand Forecast
     Circular Economy
     Productive linkages approach
     Local Development Management
     Experiences in national and local governance in China

Knowledge Area: Information, Communication and Information Technology

     Communication for management action
     Organizational communication
     Social comunication
     Statistical Information System and Balanced Scorecard
     Descriptive statistics in Excel

     Decision support system
     Digital transformation
     Document manager

     Moodle learning platform
     File Management
     Experiences of digital transformation in Russia
     Experiences of digital transformation in China
     Experiences of digital transformation in Vietnam

Knowledge Area: Legal

     Legislative schedule, legal system. Organic regulations and operating manual
     Legal bases for management
     Legal advice for management
     Economical contracting
     Labor regime applicable to public and business administration
     Criminal liability and crimes linked to administrative corruption
     Based on the Law Rule of Law in China and Legal System
     Administrative reform in Vietnam

Knowledge Area: Languages

     Basic English course
     Communication skills in English language