Diploma of Public Administration

Contribute to the development of capabilities in public servants to project decisions with an integrative, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to meet the objectives of the Cuban Public Administration, which ensure the effective implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution and the implementation of the National Development Plan for 2030 with higher levels of ethics and social responsibility in accordance with current legislation, strengthening the values that support the Socialist Revolution.

1. Management of public administration activity during the process of updating the economic model
2. Legal bases of the activity of the Cuban state
3. Accounting and Control for Public Administration
4. Economy and Public Finance
5. Information and communications techniques in management management

  Complementary topics:

  •   Update of the country's economic and social model.

  • Ethics of paintings.

  • Long-term development plan and indications of the economy plan.

  • Decision making in complex situations.

  • Foreign trade and foreign investment.

  • Internal Control and Audit.

  • Standardization, Metrology and Quality.

  • Image and design in Public Administration

  • Preservation of historical and cultural heritage

Integrative evaluations:

  • Integrative diagnostic workshop.

  • Pre-defense of the final work.

  • Defense of the final work.