Management and Business Management Specialty


Contribute to develop competencies and improve the performance of the cadres in their responsibilities according to the functions of their positions in the projection of solutions, decisions with rigor, quality, integrating approach and cooperation on the problems of Management and Business Management, in relation to changes to implement in the Cuban business system for the effective implementation of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, which allow achieving high levels of efficiency and effectiveness with social responsibility in accordance with current legislation, strengthening in the cadres the values ​​that sustain our Socialist Revolution.

Compulsory courses:

 1. Tools for business management

 2. Strategic Prospective

 3. Accounting

 4. Basic statistics

 5. Quantitative methods for business management

 6. Integrated project management

 7. Production and service management

 8. Supply chains

 9. Basic R & D cycle

10. Business law

11. Integrated management of human capital

12. Finance

13. Integral maintenance system

14. Integrated management system

15. Business information system

16. Energy efficiency

17. Advanced R & D cycle

Optional courses

1. Financial audit

2. Internal Control System

3. Management of information and knowledge

4. Mediation for negotiation

Complementary themes:

Update of the economic and social model of the country.

Ethics of the cadres.

Long-term development plan and Indications of the Economy Plan.

Decision making in complex situations.

Foreign trade and foreign investment.

Business communication and with the media.

Normalization, Metrology and Quality.

Integrative evaluations:

Integrative workshops I and II

Professional training, I, II and III

Exchange with selected entities, preparation and discussion of technical reports

Pre-defense of the final work

Defense of the final work