Public Administration Specialty


Develop competencies and skills for the integral performance of public servants, with higher levels of ethics and social responsibility for the effective implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution, projecting innovative solutions that positively impact with efficiency and effectiveness in the quality of life of citizens and in the national economy, strengthening the values ​​that sustain our Socialist Revolution.


 1. Introductory Meeting

 2. Legal foundations of the Cuban economic project

 3. Direction of the public administration

 4. Design and evaluation of public and population policies

 5. Analysis and interpretation of economic and social data

 6. Accounting and Analysis

 7. Management Accountability

 8. Financial Administration

 9. Management of administrative information

10. Organizational Communication

11. Advanced economics topics

12. R & D cycle in public management

13. Experiences and good practices in local development

14. Strategic Thinking

15. Strategic Prospective

16. Optional courses I, II, III, IV

Complementary themes:

Update of the economic and social model of the country.

Ethics of the cadres.

Long-term development plan and Indications of the Economy Plan.

Decision making in complex situations.

Internal Control and Audit.

Normalization, Metrology and Quality.

Integrative evaluations:

Integrative Workshops I, II, III

Exchange with selected entities, elaboration and discussion of technical reports

Professional training: Stages I, II, III

Defense of specialty final report