Videoconference was held between the Higher School of Cadres of the State and the Government of Cuba and the Shanghai Institute of Administration (SAI)

Friday, September 25, 2020

As part of the actions between the Higher School of State and Government Staff of Cuba and the Shanghai Institute of Administration (SAI), the videoconference "Governance and Public Administration: New Methods in Times of COVID and Post COVID" was developed with the presence of the main directors of the ESCEG accompanied by Dr. Amaylid Arteaga García, Director of the National Center for Clinical Trials Coordination and member of the Group to confront Covid-19 in Cuba and the participation of professors from the SAI.

At the meeting, the conference Precise prevention and control of Covid-19 was given by Mr. Wang Zhongqi, associate professor at the Shanghai Institute of Administration.The intervention of the invited academic allowed the development of a fruitful exchange between both parties, on the experiences and good practices in confronting the pandemic, corroborating the role of the Party and the Government in the conduct of strategies in each country, the value of science and technology in action protocols and priority attention to health and the life of the people.