Successful online seminar "Government of services in Shanghai"

Friday, June 4, 2021

Covered in the Continuity Memorandum of Understanding, signed on June 25, 2020, between the Higher School of State and Government Cadres (ESCEG) and the Shanghai Institute of Administration (SAI), the Online seminar "Government of services in Shanghai".
They confirmed their participation in the virtual meeting, more than 200 representatives of different institutions: bodies of the Central State Administration, state bodies, national institutions, provincial governments, representatives of the strategic sectors of the country, as well as the Cuban business sector.
Building a service-oriented government is an important path for the reform of the government of the People's Republic of China. In March 2018, Shanghai creatively launched the "One Internet Service" reform with a focus on "Internet + Government Services".
The Seminar approached the issue of the reform of Shanghai's "Single Internet Service" from three dimensions: history of the practice, effectiveness of the reform and summary of the experience.
The collaboration between the ESCEG and the SAI began with the signing, in June 2016, of the first Memorandum of Understanding for exchanges and cooperation in training, scientific research and technical assistance in public and business policies.
From that date to the present, we have developed, year after year, exchanges on very relevant topics for the preparation of the cadres of the public administration and the Cuban business system.
This strong collaboration has continued even during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We developed the first virtual exchange in September 2020, on the topic “Precise prevention and control of Covid-19”. Our second exchange took place on March 29, on the topic “Dual circulation. New economic strategy of the People's Republic of China ”. 130 participants attended this meeting. In addition to the main cadres of the ESCEG, representatives of global economic organizations and strategic sectors of the country were present.
The ties of friendship and collaboration between the State and Government College of Cadres and the Shanghai Institute of Management continue to be strengthened.