The Strategic Prospective I postgraduate course with Grupo Empresarial Gran Caribe concludes with excellent results

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

As part of the agreement established between Grupo Empresarial Gran Caribe and the Higher School of State and Government cadres for the preparation of cadres and reserves, the postgraduate course Strategic Prospective I is successfully developed, in which 23 executives participate. Good results are expected given the desire to improve their paintings.
The variant used has been semi face-to-face. The course began on May 18, 2021, using the Virtual Learning Environment (EVA), where all support materials and content planned for its proper development appear, as well as the final workshop of the course.
The development of this course is an expression of the progress that is being achieved in the working relationships between the Gran Caribe Business Group and the ESCEG in favor of overcoming tables and reserves.