Felicitan trabajadores de la ESCEG a miembros del MININT en ocasión del 60 Aniversario

Monday, June 7, 2021

The ESCEG workers made a special congratulation to the members of the MININT who work at the School today. The Cor. Félix Eddy González Rodríguez, TCor. Maritza Mengana López and TCor. María del Carmen Morales Álvarez, 1st Lt. Mayra Napoles Rosell and TCor. Mayra Romero Naranjo, the latter awarded with. the Medal "60th Anniversary of MININT".

The Revolution would not exist without the Ministry of the Interior. June 6, 1961 was the official Constitution of that institution that is an essential bulwark of the Cuban Revolution, men and women who from more dissimilar, sensitive, risky or challenging trenches, inside and outside of Cuba have enshrined their lives with Marti's certainty and fidelista that "Homeland is Humanity".