Exchange between ESCEG and Representatives of the Agroforestry Group opens opportunities to the work system with cadres

Friday, May 21, 2021

With the presence of the rector of the School of State and Government Paintings (ESCEG) Dr.C. Mercedes Delgado Fernández and the Director of Tables of the Ministry of Agriculture Julia Muriel Escobar, a fruitful exchange was developed to give continuity to the work developed by the Working Group of Tables, Completion and Human Resources, to attend the implementation of the 63 approved measures to boost agricultural production in the country. The meeting focused on the design of the competency profiles, taking advantage of the expertise and good practices achieved on the subject, by specialists from the Agroforestry Group, who participated together with school managers in the meeting. As a result of the meeting, actions were drawn that have as their center, the preparation of main and intermediate managers of the Business System of Agriculture and the Central Body taking advantage of the benefits of the Virtual Learning Environment of the ESCEG and that will lead to the design of the profiles of competencies of the system managers.