ESCEG workers congratulate the librarians Main lapels

Monday, June 7, 2021

On the occasion of celebrating the librarian's day on June 7, the ESCEG workers congratulate the librarians, specialists in Information Sciences, they are Betty Martín, Laura Hernández, Lorayne Guerrero and Hansel Piñeiro, as well as our vice-rector, Bárbara Sánchez also trained in this profession. The space is conducive to congratulating the worker Idalmis Olimpia, who is in the 4th year of this specialty with excellent results. The work carried out by the specialists in the ESCEG Library is commendable and they advance in important projects such as the CRAI as a work philosophy. June 7 was declared the day of the Cuban librarian due to the birth of the first bibliographer Antonio Bachiller y Morales, considered by José Martí as the patriarch of our letters, since his work marks the beginning of library studies. The practice of the Library has developed vertiginously from the most remote antiquity to the present day.