ESCEG teachers participate in CODEN accreditation processes

Friday, May 10, 2024

Between May 6 and 10, 2024, the Institutional Evaluation and Evaluation of the Graduate Specialty Program, "Defense and National Security", was developed by the National Accreditation Board of the Republic of Cuba (JAN). National Defense College (CODEN), Carlos J Finlay Order. Among the experts summoned, the Vice-Rector Dr.C Barbara Susana Sánchez Vignau and Dr.C Gabriel Montesinos Figueroa, head of the Center for Public and Business Administration Studies, participated from the Higher School of State and Government Staff (ESCEG). CAPE), who with high responsibility participated in the evaluation of different variables, in compliance with the Regulation of the Evaluation and Accreditation System of Higher Education, Resolution 150/18.

The evaluation processes developed concluded satisfactorily, leaving the participants with experiences and learning regarding quality management in Cuban Higher Education. Dr. C Marcia Noda Hernández, Executive Secretary of the JAN and the presidents of the Technical Committees of Graduate Specialties and Institutions were in charge of the activities carried out.