ESCEG prepared for the Exercise "Meteor 2021"

Friday, May 21, 2021

On May 22 and 23, the Exercise "Meteor 2021" will be held at the State and Government Higher School of Cadres, which the Minister of Higher Education appointed Higher Education in conditions of Covid 19, on its first day I guide the preparation of the management bodies and in the second, develop preparedness actions to face events and reduce vulnerabilities. To guarantee the participation of the school in this important exercise, it was approved by the rector of the center Dr.C. Mercedes Delgado Fernández an Activities Plan, which includes, controlling compliance with the actions that guarantee optimal security for the school's facilities and resources, directing our main activities to reduce the threats and risks identified in the Physical Protection Plan and the Disaster Reduction Plan. During these days it is planned to develop activities prior to the exercise and others during the exercise, which require the participation of managers and workers of the center. All the activities provided for in the plan take into account compliance with the established hygienic and sanitary measures.