At ESCEG the Party always counts

Monday, April 29, 2024

The PCC nucleus of the Higher School of State and Government Cadres (ESCEG) held its Party Balance Assembly in the afternoon, corresponding to the period April 2020-April 2024. At the meeting, the militants recognized the main results achieved in the period, where the following stand out: the functioning of the organization, the systematicity in the ideological political work, the work with the political organizations of the center, the attention to young people and the work to fulfill the work objectives of the school. The meeting served to recognize the work of the militancy in the Accreditation processes of the Postgraduate Specialties in Public Administration and in Business Administration and Management, as well as in the recent Institutional Evaluation, which concluded with the granting of the category of institution of excellence by the National Accreditation Board (JAN). The new challenges that the party family faces to continue defending the Revolution in a highly complex context were also identified.
The meeting was chaired by the rector Dr.C Mercedes Delgado Fernández, the management of the ESCEG nucleus and the PCC official of the Boyeros municipality, who at the end highlighted the work of the nucleus and provided criteria for the work projections for the next period. For the new period, the ESCEG core elected comrade Marta Abreu Bosch as general secretary and comrades Mayra Romero and Victor Gámez as secretaries of the management.
The meeting culminated with the joy of the celebration of the upcoming May 1 and the commitment of everyone to participate in the call, supporting the Party and the Revolution.