ESCEG in the Cuba Scientist and University Rankings 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

In the list of scientists and university students in Cuba for the year 2023, 8 professors from the Higher School of State and Government Cadres are included. A total of 1,297,542 scientists from 217 countries and 19,580 universities are included. By using numerous criteria to present results to be used for productivity evaluation and the efficiency of individuals and institutions. In addition to sorting by "total H-index" you can browse various rankings and analyzes by "last 6-year H-index", "total i10-index", "last-6-year i10-index", "total number of citations" and "citations from the last 6 years."
AD Scientific Index has 37 universities/institutions and 1,986 scientists from Cuba. From the ESCEG in Cuba the following professors were included on the date of January 18, 2023:
Teachers ESCEG Position Cuba h-index
1. Mercedes Delgado Fernandez 39 26
2. Maria M. Machin Hernandez 591 6
3. Miriam L. López Rodríguez 775 5
4. Lydia M. Garrigo Andreu 985 4
5. Lisi Campos Chaurero 991 3
6. Marta Abreu Bosch 1191 2
7. Raudelis Pena Breffe 1790 1
8. Martin Irián Barrios 1942 1

Other ESCEG professors will soon be including their profile in academic Google, and may be part of the ranking.