ESCEG and the Municipal Government of Boyeros initiate alliances that promote local development

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

With the aim of promoting the territorial development of the Boyeros municipality, in the capital of the country, the comrades Adolfo Lucas Sigler, local development specialist of the municipality and Yolanda Guillén Paneque, head of the government's computerization and communication department, together with the rector of the center, Dr. C. Mercedes Delgado Fernández and the vice-rectors MSc José Ramón Díaz Delgado and Dr. C. Barbara Susana Sánchez.
At the meeting, the situation of local development in the municipality was specified and joint work projections were evaluated to develop the Integral Development Strategy of the Boyeros municipality with the participation of various actors in the territory. The alliances that are initiated between the ESCEG and the Municipal Government of Boyeros are an example of the Government-University relationship and compliance with the approved Policy to promote territorial development in the country