Developed by ESCEG Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

This morning the ESCEG Board of Directors was held to evaluate the fulfillment of different indicators for this stage of work. As one of the elements to be evaluated, the incorporation of the ESCEG to the group of experts designated by the country's leadership to promote food production was presented, for which 63 measures have been proposed, the strategic planning for the period 2022-2026 which It implies the establishment of indicators and goals in correspondence with the responsibilities assumed by the ESCEG in overcoming tables. Of significant importance was evaluated the plan of Preparation and Overcoming of cadres, with priority in agriculture; In this task, progress has been made with different institutions and the opening of the specialty in the blended modality is planned with intention.

The National Exercise of Self-Control Through Strategic Audit occupied another of the spaces for analysis, based on the presentation of the actions to be carried out in this important task. The ESCEG Procedures Manual was also presented in its final version