Design of competency profiles a necessity to advance in Agriculture

Friday, June 11, 2021

The design of skills profiles is one of the 31 actions defined by the Group Cuadros, Composition y Formación de Recursos to promote the 63 measures approved to promote agricultural activity in the country. For its development, the Higher School of State and Government Charts (ESCEG) and under the direction of its rector Dr. C Mercedes Delgado Fernández develops various actions that aim to generate the skills profiles of more than 8000 managers in the sector.

On this occasion, an exchange was held with the heads of cadres and specialists from the Business Groups and the Central Body of the sector, where the challenges and complexities of the task were addressed and the good practice reached by the Agroforestry Group on the subject was shared. As part of this exchange, new tasks to be developed by the participants were defined and preparation opportunities were offered from courses that are part of the School's Learning Environment (EVA).

Accompanying the rector at the meeting, the Head of Staff of the Ministry of Agriculture Julia Muriel and the professors Bárbara Susana Sánchez Vignau, vice-rector, José Miguel Valdez Portal, head of the IT department, and Lydia Garrigo Andreu, methodologist of the school.