Activities of preparation and overcoming of cadres begin with the ESIHO

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

At the Escuela Superior de Cadres del Estado y del Gobierno (ESCEG), the opening of the activities of preparation and overcoming of cadres and reserves of the Western Hydraulic Engineering Services Company belonging to the OSDE of Terrestrial Waters was carried out. The initial activity had as its central theme, the Competence Profiles in charge of Professor Dr.C Mercedes Delgado Fernández, in charge of the rector of the center, who addressed their importance and offered tools for their design by the participants. The occasion was propitious, to bring students closer to the ESCEG Virtual Learning Environment, a platform that would support the training process.
The teaching activity that begins will be developed in the blended modality and is part of the training agreed with the ESIHO, as a Technical Scientific Service agreed with the International Center of Havana (CIH), a consulting entity of the Ministry of Higher Education. In the coming months, preparation activities will continue with this company, addressing other priority issues for management development.