Academic Committee of Public Administration of ESCEG meets

Monday, June 28, 2021

In order to analyze issues concerning the development and projections of the Postgraduate Specialty of Public Administration, a working meeting was held in a reduced composition of its members, taking care of the hygienic sanitary measures established by COVID19. The exchange led by the president of the Academic Committee, Dr. C Miriam López Rodríguez, had as its essence the analysis of the Final Report of the VII edition of the Specialty and the organization of future editions, also considering the possible demands of the agricultural sector such as part of the fulfillment of the 63 measures approved to promote agricultural development in the country. The occasion was also propitious to explain to the participants the postgraduate activities that have been developed in the period and the commitment to continue working on setting up distance courses. To end the activity, Dr.C. Martín Barrios Rivera, offered an update on the preparation of the Self-Assessment Report that is being developed, to fulfill one of the requirements of its External Assessment