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MES executives signify the responsibility of ESCEG in the preparation of cadres and highlight their results in fulfilling tasks vis-à-vis COVID19

2020-06-16 00:00:00

In a visit made to ESCEG as part of the MES tour of the country's universities, the role of the center for the preparation of cadres and reserves was emphasized, aligned with the idea of ​​achieving a decentralized government and business system and a more transparent Public Administration and...

At ESCEG virtualization and the virtual learning environment at the center of the transformations for preparing cadres and reserves


ICTs and virtualization increase their importance as tools for professional training. ESCEG assumes the challenges and works on the development of courses and topics related to Public Administration and Business Management and Administration in the Virtual Learning Environment. These solutions...

The Ministry of Higher Education carries out a working visit to the Higher School of Cadres of the State and the Government


With the aim of exchanging and evaluating the strategy organized by ESCEG for the post-COVID-19 recovery stage, a working visit chaired by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr.C. Miriam Alpízar Santana and Dr C. Gerardo Montenegro Morán to exchange on the projections for...