Impact Workshop

National Workshop on the Impact of Overcoming Cadres

The Higher School of State and Government Cadres, in celebration of its ANNIVERSARY, convokes the NATIONAL IMPACT WORKSHOP of overcoming the cadres in Public and Business Administration, which takes place on October 17 of each year in the institution. So far, 5 national impact workshops have been carried out, with an average of 200 participants with 30 integrating papers.

The workshop is oriented to the cadres graduated from diplomas and specialties in Public Administration and Management and Business Management of the country, with the aim of publicizing the main changes occurred in the organization derived from the training received to update the Cuban Economic and Social Model.

Rules for presentation of papers

1.The papers should not be a specific result and should reflect the impacts achieved in the organization by the set of works defended by both students of  the specialty and Diploma’s graduates.

2. Must collect a summary of the most impactful results applied in the field of Public Administration and Management and Business Management.

3. The institution must define with a global approach (INTEGRATOR) at the level of State Organs, State Central Administration Organisms, Councils of Administration, National Entities, Higher Organizations of Business Management and Companies those works that have been implemented or that are in process with significant progress.

4. The structure of the work must contain the following aspects:

    -Presentation (title of work, name and surname of author (s) and institution).

    -General introduction (foundation and background, total work applied and in process, level of socialization of the results within the organization and externally for its generalization)

-Main detected problems.

-Results obtained in the application of the proposed innovative solutions.

-Conclusions (Changes or advances of the organization based on the applications of each proposal).

5. It must be written in Arial 12, with 1 space and an extension and no more than 15 pages.

6.The oral presentation will last 15 minutes with the support of a power point presentation.

With the Workshop and the assessment of the impact it is intended to know:

-Degree of implementation of the final work of the diploma or specialty thesis

- Degree of effectiveness of the training received in the organizations of the trained cadres.

-Utility of what has been learned in the training, if it has achieved some positive change after the diploma / specialty, lessons learned, new ways of thinking and acting and good practices deployed.

-Ideas and new possible actions to undertake to assess the impact on the cadres, in their own work and in the organization.

-Limitations and barriers in the implementation of the required changes.

-Updates in knowledge and skills to introduce in the Diploma / Specialty courses taken by the cadres.

-New knowledge to be received in future overcoming of cadres in the ESCEG that could be introduced through courses or trainings.

-Any other assessment through 5 words that express the meaning of the overcoming received.