Courses and trainings

The Higher School of State and Government Cadres teaches courses to cadres and professors of the 27 authorized institutions of the country for the improvement in Public Administration and Management and Business Management. The main courses which have been taught since the creation of the School are:

Update on the implementation of the Guidelines for economic and social policy of the Party and the Revolution

Methodological concentration for coordinators of the Diploma in Public Administration and Management and Business Management

Development of Capacities for the formation of cadres.

Public Administration for Chief Managers

Training to Government Boards

Accounting and control for the Public Administration

Accounting and Finance in Business Management and Management

Financial administration

Accounting and Analysis

Accounting and Finance

Accounting-financial management

Integral Management of the Investor Process in Cuba

Strategic foresight

Management of Production and Services

Project management

Business Management

Human Capital Management

Quality and Environment Management

Logistics operators

Integrated Maintenance System

Basic Computing

Public politics

International Economic Relations

Finance system

Legal bases of the current Cuban state

Social Protocol

Economy and Public Finance

Management of Public Administration activity during the process of updating the Cuban economic model

The Techniques of Information and Communications in management

Management in Public Administration

Economic Planning

Integrated quality and environment management system

Information technology

Government Accounting

Mediation as facilitated negotiation

Informatics security

Analysis and interpretation of economic and social data

Organizational Communication

Directorate of Public Administration

Legal basis of the Cuban economic project

Management of Administrative Information

ICT in management

Public and Population Policies

General archives

Integral System of the Preparation of the Cadres

Public Administration in Cuba for China's top public servants